July 02, 2007

Numbers Game...

Music | Durian by The Cinematic Orchestra

My busy season officially began as of last Friday. First, a rehearsal dinner, a wedding and an engagement session the following days jump started me into the frenzy that won't end until October.

With the exception of the rehearsal dinner, my file count seems to have gone up from previous events. Actually, I was wearing my final shot count for an event as a badge of honor. I know of photographers that would shoot in excess of 2000 to 3000 photos for a wedding. My numbers were always anywhere between 400 to 700. My view was that I'd wait for the moment and get what I needed as opposed to grabbing at a sequence and hope "the shot" was in there.

Of the weddings that I have shot this year, my average numbers have been noticeably, up. My count has been consistent at around the 900 area. I don't know what it means, I may never know. It's a phenomenon, just like the question I posed to myself about colour photos vs Black and White I talked about earlier. Is it growth, maturity, or just the changing nature of taking LOTS of photographs...?

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