September 02, 2007

Back to the Basics...

Music | Sentient Compassion by David S. Ware

"Old school, back to the basics, the way things used to be..." As I get older, I use these phrases often enough to realize that I use them often and to the point that I am writing about it now! I don't know what it is about age that pivots our direction back to the past and not so much to the future like when we were younger. Maybe we contemplate more as the world moves faster and faster. My Dad never told me about having to walk 20 miles barefoot, under oppressive heat in the summer and way below freezing and 5 feet of snow in the winter to walk to school everyday, then work 10 hours when he was 7. I don't think I preach, but I do certainly think a lot about making things simple again.

I'm having a difficult time focusing my attention to work on a personal project. I do have a lot of work that I need to catch up on and proceed with my work schedule. However, creativity feeds the mind and I'm not pursuing my personal vision, which at this time seems to have gotten lost.

To find it again, I'm going back to the basics... One camera, one lense, a prime lense, a 35 or 50mm lense. I'm going to shoot portraits, objects, urban decay, industrial abstracts, anything that catches my fancy. I've been doing pretty well lately of setting a plan and sticking to it.

I've been talking to a fellow photographer about shooting more, personal photographs, photos that we take for ourselves, things that have meaning to ME! I'm going Old School like in the days when I was in college. I've written about shooting for the joy of it before, walking the streets, stopping on the side of some back road, discovering art in the most inane places. I look back on images I've done, even within that last 2 years, not so, "The way Things used to be" times. This is recent as well as way back. I look at those images and I get to feel like I was creating again, being a part and capturing life for no other reason other than I felt like hitting the shutter at that very moment to capture a scene within my little view finder.

End Music | Corridors and Parallels by David S. Ware

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