September 20, 2007

A New Discovery...

Music | Ode to Tip by Fred Anderson

When I lived in Chicago, a friend declared that if you could name a neighborhood, I could name a pizza place. Since moving to Portland, I've gotten to know a good amount of cafés, mostly in North Portland, a section of town that is shared with NE, NW, SE and SW Portland. I've lived in NOPO since moving here and have come to be quite comfortable. What was once considered the downtrodded part of the city, NOPO is upping its reputation.

Here is my latest discovery...

The Little Red Bike Café opened up a few weeks ago. Though I've driven past this little treasure, thru a friend of a friend, I decided to stop in. Their lattés are finessed with body, rich in flavor. A basic blue berry muffin satiated my yearnings for something a little sweet. The next day, I came back to test the waters to see if it could be another office away from my office, which didn't quite work out as the place is a bit small. But I got my latté again with a delicious almond croissant. I hear they serve amazing breakfasts over the weekend, which I hope to experience, soon!

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