September 27, 2007

When Things Work...

Music | Daughter by Vienna Teng

I had just come back from 2 days of camping with my daughter and her classmates. I wasn't taking a lot of photos, but I did want to photograph the kids and document some of the goings on. I took over 100 images I was looking forward to editing, but when I pulled the card to view the images that I had clearly seen on the camera lcd, there was nothing to view at the computer. This is what constitutes a nightmare for a photographer, especially when there are big jobs coming up within the next few days.

I love the internet! I posted my situation on a forum where photographers gather and hoped to find a solution. I wasn't giving much hope to my dilemma, but fortunately did not re-format that card. Within the hour, one of the members suggested trying Klix. He spoke highly of the product and I was able to download the software for a trial run. The recovery of my corrupted card worked 100%. I was able to retrieve every image after purchasing this saving program.

I'm writing about this product at 1 a.m. because it isn't often a product just works like it says it will. Especially under some dire stress! I had all but given up hope of ever seeing these images, but within minutes, I got everything back and confirmation that my issues was not with the camera itself!

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