September 04, 2007

Basic 50 II

Music | Father Father by Karma

When I write a post, I usually have itunes running or Pandora. My last 2 posts I've been listening to Pandora which is somewhat random. I find it interesting that as I started to write my last post, the name of the song was Daughter. As I started to prepare to write this post, the name of the song was Father Father. I must be running along with the music gods right now and I shall ride it for as long as they allow.

I was looking over more images I shot today. Since I have a child and not a kitten, I've shot hundreds of images of her, often testing this or that, or just because... I have to say I often get a winner out of each occasion I point the lens at her.

So here is another shot to ad to the basic series...

I'm really loving this combination of the 5D and 50mm lens. The more results I see, the more I'm sure I'll fall in love. The photo was shot at f:2.0 at 128th/sec. The fall off of focus is not created, but straight out of the camera. The mojo has landed!!!

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