October 01, 2007

Old School Revisited, again...

Music | Sweet Thing by Chaka Khan

I was working an event over the weekend where the music was fantastic. I didn't have time during the beginning to hang out and talk with the DJ, but I quickly noticed he was actually spinning vinyl! 2 turn tables and a mixer, though he also had an ipod as well. Like the photography world, DJs are going thru their own transition of leaving behind the analog world. It was so refreshing to see a DJ with crates of records, LPs, vinyl, whatever you want to call them. Watching him do his thing, not only playing music to the crowd, but pulling out the records from the sleeves and mixing the beat from the old song to the new and occasionally even some scratching! (wiki wiki wiki!) And unlike the drones that bring their big amps and speakers with a computer or even just an ipod, this guy obviously had skill. Not just anyone could go back to his booth and do what he was doing.

Though digital has made things a lot easier for people to do a lot more things, there is a point where the pro proceeds to move forward, and leaves behind the hobbiest, wannabee, amateur. Has it come to where only the connoisseur notices the difference in ability and quality and expects, great expectations?

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