January 10, 2013


Music | Beautiful by Garbage

I knew working with Irish was going to be something special. A saw fellow photographer, Mr. Christopher Perez's renditions of her and their collaborations were wonderful!

We could have honestly gone thru the entire shoot without having to say a word. I love that concept, communicating without words. But, this was our first time together and out of mutual respect, we did the word thing... In the future, I will propose to her to do a shoot and simply not talk.

As we drove to the shooting space, she was telling me about her idea of black witch, white witch. Her personality I will say comes thru in the photos. Her imagination is amazing and merely the ideas she proposed sounded great to me. Opposing forces or just the forces that be to create balance was a great concept to start with. I didn't have any hesitation of letting Irish just go and do her thing.

We did a total of 6 plates last night and each and every one of them could be hung up on the walls. I can only wish that the images on the plates translated the amazing quality on screen, but it just isn't so...

White Witch

Black Witch

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these 2 also and the one in the next post, they are really fabulous,


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