January 20, 2013

Images and Memories...

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Anne and Ellie

Many times while shooting a family portrait, I often think about how the image relates to time... I think of photographs of my Mom and Dad from before I was born from the family album that are embedded in my head. For whatever reason, particular pictures act as icons that represent a person, that leaves important memories.

I still think the act of photography, the intention of stealing time is an incredible feat. Often over looked, taken for granted, we don't think about the incredible power there is in a photograph. With the way we are now accustomed to snapping away at our hearts content, the magic seems to have been misplaced...

What becomes accessible suddenly becomes mundane. What was once unique, that suddenly becomes the norm becomes of lessor value. Capturing time is and always will be as important as much as it sounds absurd.

I hope in the future, 5... 10... 25 years from now, as with all the portraits I've shoot, not only will the subjects have fond memories, important memories, a flavor of what it was like when the image was taken, but maybe some of the viewers as well... a family member, friend or acquaintance ...

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