January 30, 2013

Negative - Positive

Music | Some Chords by Deadmau5

Traversing back in time, today I shot a few sheets of paper negatives on both the Rolleiflex and the Chamonix. Turns out the smaller 2.5 square neg came out better than the 4x5. I scanned the neg, opened the file in Photoshop and just inverted the image. No adjustment.

I'm really surprised at how much the shadows held details. Though this is a digital conversion to positive, I'm really looking forward to making a contact print. Though small, I think it will be interesting to see an all analogue processed print.

Paper neg from a Rolleiflex. 2.5 in sq.

Paper positive from a Rolleiflex. 2.5 in sq.

The ultimate finish with the paper negative is to make contact prints on real silver based paper. I'm hoping to be able to finish thie process in its entirety, soon...

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