January 31, 2013

Flesh for Eve

Music | Flesh for Eve by Jun Miyake

On the edge of consciousness, I felt layers coming over me, completing me. Like a translucent sweater floating upon me, I gathered substance. That voice put me in a trance of some sort, the harp adding more to my existence. I'm traveling thru... over land and sea, thru time... I'm moving to a new or just another dimension...

I haven't had much rest today. I had an early start and maybe 3 hours to rest in the afternoon before I had to work again. On my feet today more than in a long time. Because of sleep apnea, I'm not resting well anyway. I go thru often what I call being on the edge of consciousness, or maybe the other side of consciousness where I am free. It is where brilliant ideas come from, I know it. But when I start to return, my state of mind turns from ethereal to reality, blocking away like bricks those floaty things just on the other side of my conscious mind. I need feathers, not bricks...

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