January 04, 2013

Why I Love What I Do

Music | Soon it Will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires by Emancipator

Canon is coming out with a new camera this year that is based on a dslr that shoots video as well. Thought that isn't big news these days, this camera, the Canon D1 C enables the user to pull images out of the video rendering you with a high quality high resolution file. So while you are shooting video of an event, you can pull a single frame out and print a nice 16x20 inch print. No longer will you need to worry about timing of the smile, or capturing the pinnacle moment of a kiss during a wedding. Technology has reached a point where serendipity will no longer be serendipitous... The challenge just became 95% easier...

My appreciation of what I do has become more acute after hearing about what this new technology can do. Almost 5 years ago, when I decided that digital photography was not where my heart was, I must have had an inkling that taking pictures would come to this. We had joked that taking photos off video would relinquish the need for still photography.

It appears that the appreciation for photography has taken another big hit. However, I do wonder where this turn of events will take us. I remember hearing about how the computer was supposed to make our lives easier and much more efficient. I know for me, it has turned into a time hog. Seems like my watch, maybe a date book / address book suited me very well. Instead of simplicity, I think things are way more complicated...

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