June 18, 2006


Having to have a safety net of arriving a day earlier than when the gig is supposed to start has allowed me the luxury of somewhat of a vacation! I finally got a good amount of sleep, awakening around 8:00. I seemed to have made that adjustment to local time, because if I really thought about it, that is 5 A.M. my time. Anyway, I enjoyed a nice brunch on the front porch of the very quaint Inn I'm staying at. I got to read the NYT, most importantly the Arts section as to what is going on over the weekend. I won't be there until Sunday, but I'll be filling up my time. I'm in the very spot where I had my breakfast earlier. If I knew trees, I could tell you about more than 7 of them from what I can see sitting here. Across the street is a public park with manicured grounds. I'm hoping to shoot there in the morning. It takes the space of maybe 2 city blocks, lots of trees, a beautiful flower garden, a lazy gravel pathway, all surrounded by more rock and stone bounderies with wrought iron fencing on top.

Today I got moved to a suite, sort of a Martha Stewart mini mini apartment. I've got views to the South and West, mostly thick trees and greenery.

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