June 25, 2006

Is this what it is like to be busy???

I've shot 2 jobs, 1 personal shoot, had 3 meetings, personal shoot scheduled for Tuesday, 3 more shoots scheduled and toss in a few more meetings next week as well. I'm really concerned about keeping my calendar up to date on my ipod so I don't forget anything. I'm not even thinking about all the processing I have to do from my Connecticut job, besides the stuff I shot in NY. Do I see a new computer on the horizon?

An odd thing happened to me today. I had to shoot film. I pulled out my one and only film camera body that I've held onto only for this reason. I shoot artwork for a few artists and many still require slide film to enter juried art shows. I had to buy a battery for it because it has been countless number of years when I last replaced it. I put a lens on it and hit the shutter. The sound was like a song I hadn't heard from in a long time. The auto wind along with the mechanical shutter took me back 10 years. Do I remember how to load this thing? The automatic gestures that go along with using a film camera did not come back easy. I had to make sure to concentrate every step of the way from loading, shooting and unloading film. We've all one time or another accidently opened the film chamber before rewinding the film! I made it thru 4 rolls of film with no mishaps. Now the L O N G wait. I have to drive to the lab, direct a Normal/Normal process time and process instructions and wait at least 3 hours before I see my results. In the meantime, my set back at the studio with my lighting and tripod position are gaffer taped to the ground. Better not kick the tripod leg!

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