June 28, 2006


I did something I hadn't done in probably over 5 years. A twist of the wrist, my body gets pulled back and I have to hang on a little tighter. Roll on the throttle some more and the breeze on my face gets stronger. In a matter of minutes, I'm on some back roads with nice soft hills and gentle curves, enclosed in a tunnel of trees. I'm still getting used to this machine, so my lean angles are conservative, as is my speed. But what lacks in motion, is still made up audibly. The throaty Kerker was loud, but not obnoxiously. It did let you know that there was serious power waiting to be unleashed. At least it did sound that way. As my confidence grew, so did the speed, so did the angles and so did the decibles. To really open it up, I got on the Interstate and rumbled up to 90 mph. Oh and there was lots of room left on the throttle.

Lots of rough spots, but I think manageable. I'll take ownership of this somewhat vintage beast. Almost 30 years old, this was at the time one of the big bore engines that dominated its day. Soon, the Suzuki GS 1000 will be mine.

Riding motorcyles was a serious hobby of mine thru the mid 80's to l999. I managed to put on over 75,000 miles on one bike, traversing to both coasts from the midwest. I only owned 3 motorcycles, but enjoyed them immensley. It really wasn't just a hobby, but a way of life in many respects as well. I made many great relationships that started with motorcycling. And the places I've gone, the adventures I've lived, will be remembered to my dying days. It is going to be great coming back.

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FotoBoy said...

You finally picked up a new motorcycle? Good for you! Now, some photos would really help...

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