June 14, 2006

NYC Bound

I love the Portland International Airport. On the entire main level, there is wi-fi. Everywhere! Right now I'm reading a full signal and connected without any frustration. The only thing I could complain about is not having a seat in a chair with an ac outlet nearby. I'm drawn to sitting on floors anyway, so I sit along a wall, in the vast terminal E as other travelers meander by.

I haven't done a red eye before, or least I can't remember, but so far, I'm digging this. No one is in a rush, getting thru security was a breeze and I'm calm, like everyone else seems to be. I guess things will pick up as flights in the terminal start to depart. I've got another hour and 15 minutes before mine is scheduled to leave.

The thought of getting into NYC at 5 A.M. however I am not digging. When I was younger, I travelled a lot. It would be no problem for me to adjust almost immedietely to the local time. However... I'm not looking forward to getting into NYC at 5 A.M. my time. Ha-ha, a sign just went up... it is from Jet Blue Airlines. It says,
"Buh bye red eye
Hello shut-eye"

I just saw on my boarding pass I have 36 channels of Direct TV programming. Is that a good thing?

Shortly before I got this gig, I made a goal for myself to get the hell out of Dodge, at least 2500 miles. I'll make it with over 300 miles to spare, a least by googlemap standards. Having this opportunity to travel, I had to make some me time, especially since it is NYC. The extra days there have all ready turned into some opportunity for me. All ready I know I'm going to see a world class exhibition of some fine art photography. I know I'll be seeing some world class jazz musicians playing for the last time, together as a unit. I'll be meeting another musician from Chicago, who will be meeting me somewhere in the meat packing district to shoot a portrait. All these opportunities have some off the cuff. I love serendipidy.

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