June 18, 2006


I've been without an internet connection for 2 days. This must be a record for me in quite some time. My gig went fantastic over a period of 2 days and a total of about 8 hours. All I can say about the event is that I am in complete awe at how some people live...

I'm on the corner of 44th and Third Ave in NYC. I arrived about an hour ago, via another limo ride. I did feel really uncomfortable getting out, in front of the Vanderbilt YMCA that will be my home for the next few days. Actually it is very nice, with lots of people from around the world staying as well.

I'm feeling like I need to be doing something and can't seem to concentrate on any one thing. NY has so much energy in the air. Every 5 seconds or so, another intersting person walks by on Third. East Indians, Asians, Europeans... I can't count how many gorgeous women have walked by. I must have heard at least 5 different foriegn languages walking the 3 blocks to get where I am. Young and old, poor and affluent, it really is amazing.

This evening I'll have dinner at Esashi, a Japanese Restaurant with my cousin and her husband. After that, we go to Angel Orensanz Foundation For The Arts to hear some serious AvantJazz. I am so excited about this evening I can't stand it. I've got a few hours to burn before I can check into my room. Lots more walking until then, but this damn backpack is filled with camera gear and computer.

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