June 21, 2006

Last Hours...

Check out was 11 A.M., but I was out by 9:30. My favorite morning spot had settled down to a nice pace, where I was able to relax and enjoy the moment. My only plan for today was to see, CLASSIC BEAUTY: Photographs of Female Nudes at the Throckmorton Gallery on East 57th. The show had not even been hung, but I was welcomed to view the prints waiting for their places. Along side the great Manuel Alvarez Bravo, I discovered another amazing photographer named, Valdir Cruz, a Brazilian spending much time in NY. If you can find, Nude Study "Mary Ann" 1989 NYC, your heart will go pitter patter.

If the patrons of photography want to see silver based prints, the galleries are most certainly showing them, I certainly can understand why. My view of film based photography has shifted after seeing this show. It has been some time where I was so affected by what was in front of me. Seems like this has occured many times on this trip... Rich, luscious, profound are how I would describe many of the photographs I saw early this afternoon. And though most certainly the same could be said for gicleé on art paper, there is a noticable difference.

As my time is setting, I'm having epiphanies at an alarming rate. I have so much running thru my head that I can't think. I'm hoping that this trip will have taught me something, something significant to my development as an artist, a person. There is so much out there!!!

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