June 15, 2006


So if you can't sleep on the red eye, the flight can suck big time. I managed to doze on and off, getting no more than I image 20 minutes sleep at a time. And having direct TV on board is a huge distraction, as everyone is watching something... The second you open your eyes, you end up seeing at least 4 screens from where I sat. Bowling for Columbine and various sports shows were on. I wasn't sure to be happy or not when the sun started coming up. I realized that I hardly got any sleep, but time must have past a few hours for the sun to be rising. I for sure didn't get any sleep at that point...

My Limo picked me up after a phone call and on the ride to Connecticut I went. KG was a well groomed, well informed gentleman that knew the art of conversation. Most importantly, he knew when not to converse. As I again dozed on and off, he never once interrupted my cat naps. But we managed to talk about how gas prices suck and how the president is managing to really fuck things up for everyone. He insists that the world is stuffing money in the pckets to a handful of people, the Bush's being 2. We talked about the difference between South Side and North Side baseball in Chicago and how D. Wade was going to take the Heat back to Dallas for the series.

So now I sit on the front porch of the Elms Inn in Ridgefield, CT. Hilly and meandering roads passing multi-million dollar homes, horse stables and century old stone fences line either side. I think if I were ever to be filthy rich, I'd be more of an East Coaster rich guy. I'd at least have the guise to be of old money, living in a huge old colonial with trees lining the quarter mile driveway. No bling, but lots of classic taste. I'd be kicking it in a 1960's silver Mercedes convertable...

Reality check... OK I'm sitting on the front porch of the Elms Inn in Ridgefield, CT. I can't believe I can't find a freaking wi-fi connection. I went to the local library, but they said I had to have Internet Explorer, otherwise they couldn't help me. Bill Gates I'm sure is laughing somewhere in the background. So, I write this in text edit and won't be able to post until I find a connection. Besides that, I' just barely able to keep my eyes open. I need to go to bed!!!

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