June 01, 2006


Picture a Week was a series I started towards the end of last year. I started that exercise to keep myself behind the camera and shoot as often as at least once a week. Obviously I haven't kept up with PAW, but I have to say in my defense that it has worked to get me going in regards to thinking about photography and paving a direction for me to travel.

You'd think as a photographer, I'd constantly be shooting. But in my case, it doesn't work out that way. I don't take things that I have to shoot for granted, but it is not as imperative as the things I want to shoot. Personal work, or work as an artist to me is what measures my growth.

PAW has put me on a path for my self. I have been shooting not as often as once a week, but I'm still shooting. Subject matter is still all over the place and I think in time I'll focus and will come up with a series to maybe even have an exhibition. That is new territory, but I'm begining to find it intriquing. So the roads less travelled are taking me to new places.


FotoBoy said...

"Personal work, or work as an artist to me is what measures my growth."

I applaud your efforts to post images and challenge yourself visually. On the other hand, I would respectfully disagree with your statement.

Art is about the process. Personal work or work that you produce for clients all utilize the same skill sets. Shooting consistently and continually, no matter the outcome or end purpose is what truly measures your growth.

Keep on shooting!

FotoBoy said...
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