June 19, 2006


My first afternoon was spent in a relaxing uneventful bliss. It was swealtering hot in the mid 90's and humid. I managed to walk a few blocks to get drenched in sweat. Maybe a trip entitled like the song, "Autumn in New York" has to be put into the works. I stayed in air conditioned comfort of either a nearby café or my room. Today climbs only to the upper 80's, but no less humid, no doubt.

I hit the subway towards the East Village, then walked across to Alphabet City. I met Setsuko at Esashi and had an incredible sushi meal. We got the treatment as Setsuko knew the sushi chef. Across Houston to Norfolk we walked to the Angel Orensanz Center where Vision Arts XI was taking place for the last night.

Whit Dickey Trio: Whit Dickey (dr), Daniel Levin (cello), Matt Moran (vibes)

Setsuko's husband, David S. Ware was closing out the show with his amazing quartet. I don't even know the name of the first song, but it could bring tears to your eyes if you weren't guarded. The music continued with a most captivated audience. The experience is so much deeper when there is appreciatation as a collective.

lf to rt | Matthew Shipp, William Parker, David S. Ware, Guillermo E.Brown

After the show, I met the band and felt crutched in emoting my appreciation for such an amazing exhibition...

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