June 20, 2006

C Lin

Knowing that I was going to be in NYC for about a month in advance, I made a call out to my network of internet acquaintances living in or going to be in the NYC area, to see if anyone would be interested in a portrait. My one and only response was from a singer songwriter living in Chicago. C Lin let me know she would be in NY and playing a few gigs in town. Today was our day. We met at Kenny's Castaways, a very old bar in the heart of Greenwich Village. It didn't take more than 2 blocks to find various great locations for this session.

It was great to work with someone who wasn't shy, knew how to move and had a good awareness of the camera. Rarely did I direct as I didn't have anything other than making this portrait to have a NYC feel.

Having had the opportunity and seeing some of the results of this shoot is a really nice send off from my way too short visit to the Big Apple. I'll have a few more hours of glory, then off to JFK for my flight home...

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